Our services

We are a media company, specifically facilitating the maritime and offshore industry. With our experience, knowledge and reach we can optimally meet your businesses media needs and requirements in three cohesive ways:

Network with the right people

We bring people together and help expand your network to find new partners and further develop sustainable business relationships. With our events and media solutions we provide access to every corner of the maritime and offshore world



Insight into the industry

Providing our customers with a wide variety of content and media solutions, we offer the latest industry insights regarding various niches of the maritime and offshore world.



Talent to the right place

With our extensive network and reach, we are capable of connecting talent to opportunities and vice versa. We facilitate a platform that contributes to developing talent (from junior to senior positions and regardless of level and fase in career) that suits the specific needs of maritime and offshore businesses.

Guides and tips


We can apply and deliver the above to our three different types of product platforms: :

Offshore Energy | Navingo Career | Maritime Media