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The Offshore Energy platform, consisting of online and offline media products and services, reaches thousands of people around the world.

We know how to energize the offshore energy community on a daily basis. Bringing the latest media solutions, business insights and exposure to fit the needs of our customers and various stakeholders. By doing so, we strive to accelerate the energy transition.

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From phasing out fossil fuels to investing in greener innovations within the maritime and offshore industry, the energy transition is relevant to us all. This platform focuses on the energy transition and sustainable solutions in the maritime and offshore energy industry. With a team of editors, content developers and sales & marketing professionals the Offshore Energy platform offers the industry daily news, in-depth stories, professional networking events and inspiring conferences. Making sure that our customers and various stakeholders can share insights, energize the community, connect with the right people and businesses and be relevant to the industry.

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Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

This is where the energy transition takes place. It’s Europe’s leading event for the entire offshore energy industry. This two day event is an opportunity to reach business leaders and highly qualified experts across global markets. It is filled with networking opportunities, collaborating with peers, doing business and broadening horizons.

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Offshore Energy Magazine

Published 4 times a year | >20,000 printed yearly copies

The magazine focuses on the maritime and offshore energy industry. The two are intertwined. The offshore industry cannot fulfil their ambitions without the expertise of the maritime sector. On the other hand, operators in the offshore energy industry create markets that make maritime innovation and growth possible.

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