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What is the most compelling story your organization has to tell? What’s the unimaginable cool tale that always works well at parties, or the creative solution your colleagues found for a recent unexpectedly difficult project? This is your marketing material, just waiting to be used.

We are now in a time where audiences get to pick-and-choose which content they want to consume. Audiences become more critical as the variety of choices of news media increase. With Social Media, work of marketers. Creating content that the target audience wants to share among peers can create far more exposure for a brand.

We offer our clients the opportunity to share their project endeavors and market analyses in an Industry Contribution, gaining exposure through shared expertise and knowledge along the way. Industry Contributions are uniquely relevant client-produced articles, including illustrations and possibly video. The content is displayed on the front page of one of our news portals for two weeks and will be included in our newsletter. It is an opportunity for companies to display their know-how through in-depth articles. Check out some successful examples by Bayards, NTA Maritime and REMS.

Let us know when you want to share your story. Our account managers are always happy to advise or to answer questions: please find our contact information in the online mediakit.

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