BP takes the stage at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

BP is joining this year’s Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC) in Amsterdam as the sponsor of The Stage and one of its participants. In three weeks, this open stage on the exhibition floor will put a spotlight on a variety of aspects from the offshore energy sector, from market insights to human capital.

Navingo BV

The time has come for all energy sectors to pool their knowledge and know-how as the future global energy mix will include a multitude of energy sources and incorporate new grid infrastructure and clean fuel production.

In a half-hour session, BP will provide a more detailed view on low-carbon energy integration.

“We’re accelerating our work to help develop a future energy system, one which is integrated, efficient and secure – with renewables at its heart,” says Ina Kamps, VP Offshore Wind Growth at BP.

Another oil and gas major will be sharing its insight into the future energy mix on The Stage as TotalEnergies will take on the subject of hydrogen as part of the talks by the participants of the first OEEC Hydrogen Area.

The session named Hydrogen Perspectives will also see Strohm, TU Delft Hydro Motion, Green Team Twente, and Forze Hydrogen Racing providing an overview of some of the most innovative hydrogen and hydrogen-powered technologies now coming to the market.

Wave and tidal energy, as well as floating wind and solar, will take The Stage through multiple talks by speakers from the companies that are part of the Marine Energy Alliance: SolarDuck, EVER, INGINE Wave Energy Systems, NoviOcean, and Heliorec.

During market updates, the spotlight will turn to the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA), HoTai Energy Consult, Linked by Offshore Wind, and Bretagne Ocean Power who will share their insights on the current state of affairs, outlooks for the upcoming years, and opportunities in several regions and markets in the maritime, offshore and energy sector.

Looking at the topics and the speaker lineup for The Stage, they not only provide a glimpse into all the aspects of the growing energy sectors that will be discussed on 29 and 30 November, but also show what powers the momentum of renewable energy and clean fuels, from innovation and data to human capital.

Gusto MSC will go into detail on the Sjøhest (Norwegian for ‘seahorse’), a new equipment concept for wind turbine blade installation, integrated either on a dedicated build jack-up vessel or as a retrofit on existing jack-up vessels.

The Stage will also host the Start Up Time! series of interviews and pitches by the start-ups bringing novel solutions in the offshore energy industry. This fast moving session will see PortXL and Buccaneer, FLASC, Sideshore Technology, Next Ocean, Tree Composites, and Sensing360 presenting their solutions as the clock ticks.

With the entire industry relying on a wealth of data, TGS will take The Stage to provide a deeper dive into how data and insights can drive efficiencies.

Workforce in the offshore energy sector, skills, and employment during energy transition will be the foundation of the talks on human capital, with speakers coming from 75inQ, KIVI, Royal Van der Wees Group, and DEME.

How to keep your team motivated and inspired and how to deal with staff shortage are some of the points that will be discussed within this topic.

“Diversity is not a ‘nice to have’; it’s a requirement for innovation, employment, and the speed needed to accelerate the energy transition,” says Anouk Creusen, director at 75inQ.

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference will be held by Navingo BV on 29 and 30 November 2022 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Find out more about the main conference sessions and speakers, The Stage lineup, and matchmaking program at OEEC 2022 page: https://www.offshore-energy.biz/offshore-energy-2022/program/