Banner Advertisement – Showcase your brand the right way

Did you know that banner advertisement was the first form of internet advertising? As new technologies emerged to allow for more sophisticated ads, banner advertisement had to evolve quickly to meet the demands of the current market. Is it still a powerful form of advertisement in these times? Does it satisfy the needs and demands of the current market? In this article, we argue that banner advertisement is a strong form of advertisement if used smart. A powerful message, a creative design and the perfect position on the webpage – these elements surely help, but are they sufficient? Let’s find out the main ingredients that makes banner advertisement “click”.

Banner advertisement, also known as display advertisement is unique and powerful by its visual feature. With a relevant design, logo display and a strong message, banner advertisement has been effective for many years.

Banner advertisement serves many purposes.

  1. One of the most common is to generate traffic to a website. Banners can share promotional messages at the top, bottom, or side of a webpage with the primary purpose of getting people to the desired webpage.
  2. Display advertising has a great role in creating brand awareness. You can make people recognize your brand more easily through banner advertisement and, by that, increase popularity in your target market.
  3. Re-target an audience. Through banner ads, you can lead visitors of your website to take a specific action, such as sign up for a newsletter/apply for a job etc.
  4. They can have an informative role about a new product/deal/event.
  5. Boost your lead generation. With a relevant message shared through banners, you can generate potential leads.

How do you measure its effectiveness?

The most common way to measure banner advertisement effectiveness is by measuring the number of clicks on the ad. However, the number of clicks is not a sufficient indicator of effectiveness. In reality, banners are rarely clicked. They are much more effective in terms of building brand recognition. Some companies focus on the number of impressions as the selling point. The number of impressions, which refers to how many people saw your banner can be a good indicator of measuring brand awareness. In most cases, it is difficult to determine precisely how well a banner performed as you cannot exactly tell how a customer engaged with the banner and what effect it had on them. It is best recommended to check with your account manager for tips on how to build your banners, and how to best track its results.

What are some of the features that make banner advertisement work at all times?

There are a few tips that will make banner advertisement always work.

  • Have a well-defined message. Use the small space of the banner to make your message noteworthy and catchy to capture the viewer’s attention.
  • Have a solid understanding of your audience. Try to think about who you want your ideal audience to be, and how can you bring them there. Understand their struggles and think about the solutions to those problems. From this, try to build the right message that would interest your viewers.
  • Focus on a niche market and audience. Banner advertisement is the most effective when you display them to the interested customers. Therefore, chose the right platform(s) where your audience likes to spend time often.


In conclusion, banner advertisement can be greatly effective if used correctly. In many cases, their potential is undervalued, because the wrong incentive is used, that is to get as many clicks as possible. They are much more effective in strengthening brand awareness in your niche market.

Banner advertisement is only a tool to connect with the right customers. The success behind it lies in having a good understanding of the target audience and designing the right message for them.

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