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Offshore WIND magazine #1 out now!


In this edition of Offshore WIND magazine we look at energy storage and what is possible. Should we ask whether offshore wind energy converted into hydrogen is used either as a feedstock that can be used directly by industry, or whether as a fuel to power adapted gas turbine generators, replacing natural gas? In both cases it replaces an unsustainable and less clean situation, and it is available 24/7 from storage facilities. The effect that a successful large scale energy storage battery will have on the offshore wind sector is immense. In this edition we have our main interview with Tony Hodgson, Global Product Manager, Solutions for Renewable Energy at Fugro, and you can also read how the French offshore wind farms are developing with both fixed and floating foundations. In other news, our International Business Guide (IBG) for 2018 is ready with even more details being added to this cross media publication. Look for them at the media points and the Navingo / Offshore WIND stand at events throughout the year, or check out the digital copy!

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