B2B cross media

Business-to-Business (B2B)
Navingo has a wide cross-media platform in the maritime and offshore energy industry. It is fast and efficient, reaching customers and prospects easily. Our extensive range of products includes a number of well-known events and conventions, trade journals and catalogues and various international news portals. With a cross-media application of these products you can increase your brand awareness, generate leads and achieve your marketing objectives.

Lead generation & Introducing products
With our online and print platforms and through our events, we can offer opportunities that generate leads. Of course, your company’s website must be easy to find by those you want to reach. Navingo is the right place to be. Navingo manages and operates high-level news portals such as DredgingToday.com, LNGWorldNews.com and MaritiemNieuws.nl. Thousands of professionals visit these websites daily, offering endless possibilities to promote products and services. In addition Offshore Energy, the renowned and international network event, is the ideal place to meet customers and introduce new products.

Increase brand awareness & Top-of-mind
Increasing your company’s brand awareness is another area where Navingo is able to help.In addition to the management and operation of a dozen news portals, Navingo also publishes professional journals and leading B2B catalogues that are focused on specific sectors of the maritime and offshore industry.These Navingo publications include Offshore WIND magazine for the offshore wind sector, supported by the news portal offshoreWIND.biz and the annual International Business Guide. For reaching shipping and shipbuilding sectors, there is Maritime by Holland Magazine and the Dutch news site MaritiemNieuws.nl or the international news portal WorldMaritimeNews.com, to complete the cross-media concept. These are just some examples of how Navingo media platforms can be used to increase brand awareness.

Interact face-to-face & strengthen relationships
To strengthen relationships, we offer a package of complementary products. In addition to the management and operation of the international websites, OffshoreEnergyToday.com and OffshoreEnergy.Jobs, we also organize the annual Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference. This network exhibition is the event where professionals from the domestic and  international offshore energy sectors can meet and make business happen.

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