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Navingo has moved to a new office


Navingo will start a new adventure at a new location, the Jan van Galenstraat in Schiedam. The surrounding has a rich history and is called ‘Vijfsluizen’, in English ‘Five Sluices’. During the thirteenth century they wanted to improve the draining in the area and could only be used when the water in the New Maas was lower than the gulf. To improve this they used five sluices nearby Schiedam, and today it’s called ‘Five Sluices’.


Our new adres:

Jan van Galenstraat 56

3115 JG Schiedam


In the thirteenth century it started with using the sluices to regulate the water stream in Schiedam. These days it will be the district where Navingo regulates its stream of media channels into a stream that connects and reaches maritime and offshore energy companies everywhere.
Today this area is easy to reach by car, with one of Rotterdam’s most important junctions ‘Vijflsuizen’, and by subway.
Situated in the harbor district of Schiedam, we are not only optimistic about our company’s future , but also the future of both the international maritime and offshore energy industries – industries that enjoy an excellent reputation of which everyone concerned can be proud.
You are more than welcome to visit our new office and enjoy a cup of coffee at our office bar, "The Offshore Bar".

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